January New Feature Summary

New year, new me… or at least new features. We’ve pushed out a lot of exciting new features to kick off 2024 right. This includes everything from tagging multiple locations for one issue, to bulk image upload on mobile, to introducing “N/A” options for issue items. And much like 2024, we’re just getting started. Buckle up for an action-packed year! 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our app: SolarGrade is a cloud-based fieldwork management platform for renewable energy assets. Sign up for a free 30-day trial to learn more: https://solargrade.io/demo-trial/

Found/Not Found –> Pass/Fail/N/A 

We’ve streamlined the nomenclature / naming system associated with our issue items. “Found” has become “Fail”, and “Not Found” has become “Pass”. We implemented this change to make following SolarGrade checklists as intuitive as using a paper and pencil. This will also make it easier to translate your existing Excel sheet checklists to SolarGrade templates 😉

Add “N/A” as an option for Issue Items 

Sometimes an issue in a checklist is neither a pass nor a fail – it’s not applicable, or “N/A.” But if you leave it blank, your inspection progress doesn’t move… The solution? An “N/A” button. For issues that are no longer applicable to the inspection, you can select N/A, and they will not appear in the report. For example, imagine you are on-site and need to look at Inverter 7, but you can’t even open the enclosure. How are you supposed to mark an issue like torque marks? The N/A button becomes your best friend — it’s a way to acknowledge the item without marking it as a Pass or a Fail. 

Note: our “Check remaining issues as not found” has been replaced with “Check remaining issues as N/A”. 

Allow multiple locations per issue 

We’ve built out our issue items to allow for multiple geolocation pins for a single issue. This means that if you’re on-site and there’s under-torqued hardware left and right, you don’t need to duplicate every issue, you just need to add another pin. In a report, the issue will display as a circle with the total number of pins inside; if you click on it, it will expand to display all of the locations associated with the original pin. 

Note: this new feature will also change the step-by-step process you have used for tagging locations. To log any location (one or more), please use the following steps: 

  • Mobile App 
    • Select the Location button as you would ordinarily select a location 
    • Select the carrot/arrow button in the bottom right corner 
    • Select the + sign 
    • Tap where on the screen you would like to add an arrow 
    • You can do this indefinitely 
    • You can move or delete locations using the other icons 
  • Desktop 
    • Select the Location button for the issue in question 
    • Click the pin icon 
    • Click the location on the map where you want to drop the pin 
    • Select the Confirm button 
    • Again, you can do this as often as you like 

Improve mobile bulk photo upload crop feature 

Bulk uploading photos to issue or informational items just got a whole lot easier. You can upload landscape and portrait photos from your camera roll to SolarGrade with 🚨no cropping necessary🚨. The photos will still display as a square in inspections and reports, but you can still click into the photo to view the whole image. 

Add Executive Summary field to Templates 

We’ve added executive summary fields to Templates. This is perfect for outlining what information to include in a summary, and for prompting the field team to fill it out accordingly. 

Ability to edit photo annotations after selecting save 

We’ve restructured our photo annotations to allow for editing individual items after selecting Save. So you can go back in and tweak that circle around a cross-mated connector as many times as your heart desires. 

Report Customization > Ability to select default report customization 

Since we released our report customization feature, we’ve fine-tuned some of the user interfaces. One of them is the ability to set a specific customization as the default customization for your space without having to enter into each project and edit it there. 

Navigation improvements for project drawings 

Finding details in the project drawings got a whole lot easier — you can now use the arrows to navigate from page to page to find what you’re looking for. This applies to both the mobile app and the desktop versions. 

Display number categories on the report 

We have leveled up our organization in reporting. Sections and categories are numbered in both inspections and reports to make issues easier to find, and even easier to remediate 

Drop us a line if you have any questions!

The SolarGrade Team