1.40: New Feature Summary

We’re mixing things up! Our new feature summaries will be going out with every major release.


Great question. With new functionalities and features being added so often, it’s important to keep you informed and up-to-date. Plus, how are we supposed to wait until the end of the month to tell you about something exciting we released at the beginning of the month!

So, take a peek inside and see all the amazing user requested features we published last week in version 1.40!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our app: SolarGrade is a cloud-based fieldwork management platform for renewable energy assets.


Captions for photo informational items
This one is pretty self-explanatory — you can now add captions for photo informational items by moving your mouse over the uploaded image and selecting the caption icon here.

Mobile App > edit tray improvements
This new feature removes the swipe to open. Now, to open the editing tray in the mobile app, you can either select the “Edit” button at the top or the 3 vertical dots.

New informational item: timestamp
Introducing… a new informational item! The timestamp is a way to capture a specific date and time without entering it in manually. Just hit the “Timestamp” button and voila!

Display tally of Pass, Fail, & N/A issues
Increase visibility from each inspection by seeing the results at-a-glance. Now, at the top of reports and in the inspection log, you will be able to see a tally of all issue items marked as pass, fail, and n/a for that particular inspection.


Sort/Organize project table

Our projects table might look a little different than you’re used to, but all your projects are still there — we’ve just alphabetized it.

Add microinverter option
When you’re creating a new project, or editing an existing one, you now have a third inverter option: a microinverter. Between this new feature and using the CEC database, SolarGrade should have you covered for all inverters for sites both big and small.

Ability to add more than one string number
Sites come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we have allowed project design to incorporate more than 1 string size.


Create a master punchlist from a filtered task table
Need a specific punchlist? We’ve got you covered. You can now filter the task table to focus only on the issues you want remediated and then select the “Create Master Punchlist” to get all those missing inverter torque marks remediated in one fell swoop.

Ability to change the Severity field from the summary table of tasks
When reviewing a project or inspection, you can change the severity of the issue from the task table. This is especially helpful if there were multiple issues that were mislabeled. No more jumping in and out of inspections for each issue!


Change PDF naming structure
We’ve modified our PDF report file names to be easier to track. They now follow this naming convention: “[space name] [client name] [project name] [inspection name] [inspection date]”

New columns
We’ve beefed up our inspection log filters to handle anything you throw at it. Now you can search by keyword or exact text and you can choose which inspector by the dropdown menu.

Report sharing improvements
When sharing a report, you can pull from the list of Viewers in your space or people with which you have previously shared reports. The last thing we want is for reporting to be a bottleneck to getting that sweet, sweet data out.


Ability to archive templates
Done with a template but don’t want to delete it? Archive it. This is handy for old versions of templates that you no longer use, but don’t want to delete just yet.

Logged templates in the recycle bin
Accidentally deleted a template? Fear not! There is a templates section to the recycle bin where you can retrieve that in a jiffy.


Ability to add users to projects from Teams tab
It can be exhausting to have to jump into projects every time you need to add someone to a project. Now, you can do it from the Teams tab. This is a key feature for folks with a lot of contractors or large teams heading to and from different sites regularly.


UX Desktop improvements
You’ll notice that some parts of SolarGrade look a bit different. We’ve deployed some changes designed to improve readability, accessibility, and intuitiveness to make your user experience better overall.

Mobile app speed improvements
Does the mobile app feel different to you? It does to us! We’ve done some work on the backend to increase speed and capability. You’ve got enough to worry about on-site. Let us do the rest!

Head to our Support Center from the app if you have any questions. Otherwise, feel free to drop us a line too!

SolarGrade Team

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