Introducing SolarGrade Planner

The latest feature in the SolarGrade software platform has arrived: Planner BETA. It’s the first iteration of our new tool for planning and managing work in the field at renewable energy project sites. Like the entire SolarGrade platform, our Planner is made to support  assets that enable the clean energy transition, from solar and energy storage projects to EV charging stations and wind farms.

When we started building Planner, we aimed to give our users a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) that lived within the SolarGrade universe. But as we developed this feature, we took time to connect with our clients about what they really needed. Our users inspired us to build a tool that is far more powerful than a CMMS alone.

What makes Planner different from other project management and workforce scheduling tools?

Purpose-Built for Solar, Storage, and Other Renewables

SolarGrade Planner is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of solar and energy storage projects. It provides a centralized platform where managers can oversee site visits, manage tasks, and plan future work. The color-coded and sortable table view allows for an at-a-glance overview of all activities across your portfolio, while the Gantt view offers a dynamic and visual representation of your project pipeline.

Seamless Integration with Field Data

Planner connects directly with the data collected during site visits, ensuring that all information is up-to-date and easily accessible. This integration allows you to convert routine site walkthroughs into actionable work orders with just a few clicks. You can assign tasks, track progress, and manage reporting and invoicing seamlessly. The ability to create work orders from punchlists based on previous site visits ensures no issue goes unaddressed, and all remedial work is documented and scheduled efficiently.

Comprehensive Team and Task Management

With Planner, you can see your team’s schedules, manage budgets, assign tasks, and plan future work on-site for all your projects in one place. The flexibility and customization options available for work orders mean you can tailor tasks to fit any scope, from individual site visits to year-long projects. Additionally, tasks can be created independently from site visits, such as booking hotels or renting cars, ensuring all logistical aspects of your projects are covered.

The SolarGrade Planner is your ultimate tool for optimizing project operations in the solar and storage industry. By connecting field data with daily operations, it eliminates forgotten problems, unremediated issues, and missed opportunities for revenue. With SolarGrade Planner, you can ensure your team’s work is always on track and account for every task.

SolarGrade Planner is still in beta, so we’re offering all SolarGrade customers free access to Planner until the end of 2024. All we ask in return is for you to share your feedback.

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