April New Feature Summary

They say “April showers bring May flowers” and we have a shower of new features for you in the latest version of SolarGrade. Most importantly, we have restructured how the mobile app works offline or when there is intermittent service. Be sure to update your mobile app to the most recent version and take a peek below on how to use the new functionality.  

But first – what’s SolarGrade, you ask? It’s the cloud-based fieldwork management platform for renewable energy assets developed by HelioVolta. SolarGrade makes it easy for O&M providers, asset owners-operators, EPCs, and independent engineers to assess all types of clean energy assets in the field.  It streamlines issue identification and collection at project sites, automates reporting, and facilitates collaboration from the field to the office. Every month, we update SolarGrade to pack in more features and functionality for our users – and we’re always eager for feedback! Drop us a line to share yours at support@heliovolta.com

Track Sync Progress 

Your field team can now track any data as it syncs with the server. So, if the service is spotty, you can decide to sync only the issue data and upload those inverter glam shots when you’re back on 5G or wifi. To update your progress with the server, you can: 

  1. Pull down in the inspection to update the issue data (the same way as before) 
  1. If/when you have reliable service, toggle back to the Inspection Details page  
  1. Tap the SYNC button to sync your device’s photos with the server 

If you don’t have any service or accidentally close the inspection without syncing, all the data you collected will be stored locally on your phone. If you navigate to your inspection log, you’ll see that inspection has a yellow sync icon next to it. Simply: 

  1. Tap back into the inspection to the Inspection Details page  
  1. Tap the SYNC button for both issues and photos 

When everything is synced, feel free to log off, close the app, and enjoy the rest of your day! 

Be sure to update your mobile apps to this most recent version! Your version should say 1.32.15. 

New Desktop URL 

The SolarGrade website has recently had a makeover! As a result, the URL to access the software has changed to from www.solargrade.io to app.solargrade.io. Be sure to update your bookmarks! 

Psst… You can still log in using solargrade.io — it’ll just take an additional click or two to log in. 

Improved Offline Mode 

In addition to the sync update, we’ve been working behind the scenes to beef up our mobile app software to better handle our offline mode functionality, as well as those times when service is poor and intermittent. These new improvements allow you to dip in and out of service, without losing or duplicating data, or interrupting your workflow. 



Extra extra! Read all about it! 

In this new section of our NFT summary, we’re including common troubleshooting queries that dive into the ins and outs of the software — all to make your workday that much easier! 

Make Sure to Assign Inspectors to BOTH Projects & Inspections 

When you’re adding a new team member to your space, remember to add them to both the project and the inspection. This is especially important if the new team member has Inspector or Manager responsibilities.  

For example, if they are an Inspector, they won’t be able to see anything they’re not assigned to. So if they’re only assigned to a project, but not the inspection, they will only see the project information and not the inspection they need to be working on. OR if they’re only assigned to the inspection, instead of the project too, they will not be access any of that wonderful project data. 

To review user roles and responsibilities, click here

Drop us a line if you have any questions!

SolarGrade Team