February New Features

Our development team has had a busy start to the year — pushing out new features and fixes to improve your SolarGrade experience and optimize workflow. In fact, there have been so many new features that there haven’t been enough Tuesdays to share them all!

Instead of spamming your inbox, we’ve highlighted a few here.

Local Image Saving

Big team on site? Too many cooks won’t slow down the kitchen. All photos are stored on the server locally on the user’s device (instead of the whole team’s). This optimizes inspection efficiency, while still allowing on-site teams to see each other’s work and collaborate.

Renaming an Inspection

Using the same template for several inspections? Need inspections to follow internal naming protocol? Rename your inspection to whatever you desire. Simply hover over the inspection title on the desktop and you will see a text box appear. Edit away!

Informational Barcode Scanning

Previously, barcode scanning was only available on issue items. Now you can scan into any Informational Item’s text field and collect all the data you need. Click the barcode button to get started.

Personalized Dashboard

We’ve decluttered your dashboard by setting the default view to your Personal Dashboard. Now, when you log into SolarGrade, you only see the projects that you’re associated with instead of all the projects visible to you within the space.

Report Customization

We’ve introduced our first report customizations! You can create different report templates for different clients and recipients. At the moment, you can customize the logo, footer, and opt in/out of including the client name, client company, and the inspector’s name on the PDF reports. Please be sure to visit our guide on how to then tie that customization to the relevant projects.

And stay tuned — more customizations to come! These will include opt in/out based on severity, action taken, and more.

Camera Improvements

Zoom and focus your photo field when capturing images through the app. To focus, tap the item in the photo you would like in focus. To zoom, use two fingers to zoom in.

Annotate Informational Photos

You can now annotate and edit images that are uploaded to Informational Items in the same way that you can edit images uploaded to Issue Items — both on mobile and desktop.

Geolocation Informational Item

Need to tag a location for reference? You can add a geolocation Informational Item. It will not be tied to any Issues, but still be accessible.

Export All Tasks in Fleet

Exporting task data is a great way to assess and analyze the health and productivity of your portfolio over time. You can now obtain task data at the fleet level, in addition to the project and inspection levels. To export all tasks in your fleet, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard
  2. Scroll down to the Open Tasks box
  3. Click the EXPORT TASKS button at the bottom of the Open Tasks box
  4. Select the Projects that you want to include. The default setting here is Select All
  5. Select Export Tasks

Email Notifications

Inspectors will now receive email notifications regarding their assigned and upcoming inspections. This is our way of helping out with the admin work to make your life more efficient.

Project & Task Organization

Under the Project tab, we have paginated your table of projects and your table of tasks. We want you to be able to grow your space without feeling like you’re trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Crop Photos on Desktop

Uploading additional photos to an inspection when you’re off site? Now, on the desktop, you can crop those photos as you upload them. Much faster than cropping on your mobile device!

Drop us a line if you have any questions!

—SolarGrade Team