What is SolarGrade?

What does it mean to be the most advanced solar and storage on-site software?

SolarGrade acts as a project information hub, keeping records and collecting data on everything that has been done on-site. Workflows are standardized and the easy-to-use mobile app empowers field teams to provide industry-leading asset care and prepare high-quality reports seamlessly without extra work after inspections.

The SolarGrade platform pairs a cloud-based desktop application with a mobile app designed for on-site work.

The Desktop Version:

  • Gathers project documentation
  • Georeferences site plans
  • Manages team workflows
  • Organizes issues found on-site
  • Connects with other workforce management software through APIs

Interactive Report

The Mobile App:

  • Works on- and off-line
  • Provides applicable project-level information and project drawings
  • Incorporates intuitive and pre-defined workflow frameworks
  • Offers editable prewritten issue descriptions, to avoid typing in the field
  • Automates georeferencing of issues on-site
  • Collects Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) data
  • Tracks work progress

In-Field Workflow

When on-site work is complete, an interactive online report is autogenerated, shareable online or printable to PDF.

SolarGrade is different: it’s specifically built for renewable industry professionals

The founders behind SolarGrade have been in the renewable industry for over 25 years. From David and James:

“We have worked with a range of asset owners, O&M groups, developers and asset hosts on reliability of their operations. The nature of this work has often been root cause analysis, expert witness and technical advisory for when things go wrong. Through this work we found that if every member of an operations team was empowered to work proficiently, consistently and efficiently, these very costly issues can be avoided. SolarGrade does that. After performing gigawatts of on-site work and collaborating with hundreds of technicians, we designed the platform specifically for operations teams, making it easier to use and easier to adopt all while simplifying higher quality asset care. In other words, SolarGrade is engineered for reliability and designed for practicality.”

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