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Pre-Site Visit Checklist

blueblue  tabon on the **This checklist is very important for inspectors to complete!

Solar is often built where land is cheap. You’re not always guaranteed to have good cell service, or any at all. Luckily, SolarGrade works both on- and off-line. But to ensure that you’re prepared for any scenario, we’ve developed a checklist for technicians, engineers, and anyone on-site to conduct prior to going to a job site.

  1. Locate the project of your upcoming inspection by filtering SORT BY NEXT INSPECTION on the mobile app dashboard
  2. Download the project drawings to have off-line by selecting DOWNLOAD (note: this process will go faster if you have wifi or good service)
  3. Toggle over to the INSPECTIONS tab
  4. Find your upcoming inspection by using the filter button (by inspection name, inspector name, inspection scope, date range)
  5. Sync the upcoming inspection to your device by selecting the download icon (blue downward arrow)
  6. Double check that your phone has location services, camera, and photo access enabled