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How to Use Templates

SolarGrade Templates, sometimes referred to as frameworks, are organized into a ‘mind-map’ of Sections, Categories, and Items. These Items are then split into Informational Items and Issue Items.

These templates are designed to streamline workflow and standardize fieldwork, while trimming inefficiencies. Their goal is to make sure folks in the office and the folks in the field are operating on the same (digital) page.

To offload hours setting up a new program, every SolarGrade account comes with half a dozen default templates. We recommend using these as a foundation for your field checklists. After all, why reinvent the wheel?

If done correctly, your technician will

  1. Gather all the appropriate and necessary information
  2. Not examine extraneous items on the checklist
  3. Follow appropriate procedures
  4. Not need to write anything while in the field