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Creating Templates: From a Default Template

The Default Templates were built for using guidelines from NREL and are easily transferrable to EPC, O&M, commissioning, etc. They are very comprehensive, and it’s easier to delete unnecessary parts of the inspection than to build one from scratch.

To create a new template from the default templates:

  • Navigate to the Templates tab
  • Toggle over to DEFAULT TEMPLATES
  • Select the default template you want to use as your foundation

From there, you can customize the copied template. You can drag and drop sections, categories, and items to reflect the ideal workflow. 

Additional Notes:

  • If you want to track issues to have greater insight and analytics into your space, it is better to rely on issue items than informational items. Every issue item has three options: pass, fail, and n/a. 
  • It is better to keep your template broad and general. That way, you can tailor it to each inspection. Remember: it is always easier to delete than to create new. So it might be better to have only “Inverter 1” as a category, which you can duplicate once you create an inspection.