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User Roles & Responsibilities

There are five user roles in SolarGrade:

  1. Space Owner
  2. Admin
  3. Manager
  4. Inspector
  5. Viewer

To see a detailed description of the permissions and restrictions for each user role, please review the chart at the bottom of this section.

Space owner

The space owner is the company champion. They create and own the space where the team works. Every space has 1 space owner. These users are responsible for payments and subscription plans within the space.

As long as a space is still active, the space owner cannot be deleted. If you need to transfer ownership of a space, please contact SolarGrade Support to change the owner of your space.


An admin is a user who the space owner invites.

This user has full access to the software’s features, except for payments and subscription plans. Admin is typically a director-level person responsible for the team.


A manager is a user invited to the team by the space owner or an admin.

This user has somewhat limited access to the features of the application. The Manager’s primary responsibility is to manage teams of inspectors working on a site.


An inspector is a user invited to the team by the space owner, an admin, or a manager.

This user role is typically assigned to a technician working on a site. This user’s permissions are limited to the projects they are assigned to. They can conduct inspections, but they cannot edit or delete them.


Viewers are only able to see the reports that have been shared with them. They do not count as SolarGrade licenses.