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Sharing a Report

Interactive Report

There are two ways to share an interactive SolarGrade report.

  1. Once you’ve generated a report, select the Share button and icon on the top left in the section under the logo.
  2. Navigate to the REPORTS tab and select the share icon on the right for that particular report.

SolarGrade also keeps track of recipients of shared reports, which makes it easy to share with them again. It also makes it easy to share new reports with existing clients.

To view and monitor who has access, go to the Teams tab and scroll down to the Viewer category. 

Export to PDF

  • Generate a SolarGrade interactive report
  • Select the GENERATE PDF button in the top right corner
  • PDF reports include:
  • A table with all the project information that is stored in SolarGrade
  • A table with all tasks associated with the inspection since it does not have the interactive feature

You can manage who has access to your reports as a Guest via the Teams tab. However, that ability is only available to space owners and admins.