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Navigating a Report

Your logo should appear in the top left corner of the report. If it doesn’t please visit the Getting Started page to learn how to add your logo.

On the right side is a button to view all photos associated with the inspection. This will take you to another page to view a photo repository of the inspection. Here you can download all the photos in bulk. This will also rename all of the photos to the corresponding section and category. Please note: the same feature applies to the PDF version of the report.

At the top of the page is a summary of issues, which are organized by action taken and criticality level. Below the summary is a counter of issues that were marked as Pass and Fail.

Below this summary is the map of the site with your georeferenced drawing. Pins appear on the map in locations where there are issues. You can filter the issues displayed by selecting the values in the summary section above. 

Beneath the map are collapsible sections. These are executive summary, project details, and a summary table of tasks. This summary table takes all of the items in the map and organizes them in a table, which displays from highest criticality to lowest. 

Below these items are the data gathered in the report. They are organized by Section, Category, and Items.

Reports are further navigable by Issue and Inspection Section.

By Issue —

  • To jump to the issue, click the desired pin
  • To return to the top, click the pin again

By Inspection Section—

  • Click desired section in the table of contents
  • All issues that were marked Pass are bulked together within that Section and Category to trim inefficiencies, while also illustrating the thoroughness of your team