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Project Sharing

Projects can be shared between spaces. This means that multiple companies and subcontractors can work on the same project and keep all the information organized and in one place. Note: this feature is only available for enterprise users.

Enabling Project Sharing

For instructions, the two companies will be labeled as the host company and the guest company. 

  • Guest space owner needs to find their space code. To find this, they need to first:
    • Select their profile in the top right corner
    • In their space tile, there is a copy icon next to a slug
    • Select the copy icon
    • Send the space code to the Host owner
  • Host owner navigates to their project page
  • They select the share icon next to the edit button
  • Paste the Guest space code into the field
  • Select SHARE
  • The Guest owner receives an email to accept the invitation to the Host’s project
  • The Guest owner must accept the invitation
    • Now, both the Host and Guest can see which of their projects are shared with other spaces. Guests will see an arrow next to the project name
  • The Guest owner must open up the editing field for the shared project
  • The Guest owner must scroll to the bottom of the editing page to the add themselves to the project. They will only see the Host owner’s name and not any other users from the Host company
  • Once the Guest owner adds his or herself to the shared project, select SAVE
  • At the project page, there will now be an icon of a man with a + sign next to him. Select this and add additional users from the Guest space to work on this project

Adding Inspections to Shared Projects

To add inspections to shared projects, there are two methods. In both instances, whoever creates the project can only choose from templates within their space, not the other person’s space. 

  • If the Host creates the inspection:
    • They choose from a template in their space
    • Within the inspection, there is a field at the top of the page called INSPECTION OWNER. The Host can change this field from their own space to the Guest’s space
  • If the Guest creates the inspection:
    • They choose from a template in their space
    • The Host can only see this inspection as a read-only inspection

Ending Project Sharing

  • To end sharing, the Host must first navigate to the Projects page
  • Select the share icon for that particular project
  • Select the trashcan icon for the space you wish to revoke access
  • The system will copy the project and accessible inspections so that no one loses any data. However, users are unable to join project sharing again