SolarGrade Knowledge Base

Looking for support? We’re here to help. 


Welcome to SolarGrade! SolarGrade is a cloud-based fieldwork management tool designed to streamline workflow and standardize fieldwork. We’ve broken down the onboarding process into a 5-point checklist.  

Before we begin, we like to notify users that the preferred browsers for SolarGrade are Chrome and Firefox. We recommend you use these browsers to optimize your experience. 

From there, you will be able to take SolarGrade out into the field and test drive the software, generating a report with your findings. At the bottom of this page is a diagram that outlines each part of the phase.  

Set up your company space 

Your space is where your company’s portfolio will live. Company spaces work best when one person from your team is the company “champion”, who creates the company space and invites the rest of the team to join. Please keep in mind that this person would also be responsible for billing. 

  • Start by signing up at 
  • Customize your space 
    • Name your space
    • Add a logo 

Invite Team members

The Teams page provides you with an overview of all the associated users for your account. You can change the user type for other people’s accounts whenever necessary. You can also invite new members at any time. 


Build out your project portfolio 

The Projects tab offers a portfolio view of all your sites. These are organized at the top of the page by client. You can select a client and project, then scroll down the page to view more information about that particular project site. 


Create a customized template

SolarGrade Templates, sometimes referred to as frameworks, are organized into a ‘mind-map’ of Sections, Categories, and Items. These Items are then split into Informational Items and Issue Items.  

These templates are designed to streamline workflow and standardize fieldwork, while trimming inefficiencies. Their goal is to make sure folks in the office and the folks in the field are operating on the same (digital) page. 

To offload hours setting up a new program, every SolarGrade account comes with half a dozen default templates. We recommend using these as a foundation for your field checklists. After all, why reinvent the wheel?  



Inspections are the meat of SolarGrade. We use “inspections” to refer to all site visits or fieldwork instances. The inspection feature is where teams can work through a streamlined checklist that standardizes the fieldwork into reports. 

Review Findings

SolarGrade reports are standardized and interactive. They are easy to navigate and are organized by your inspection template — sections becoming headings, categories becoming subheadings, and issue and informational items included. All reports are formatted to streamline the data, but there are different levels of report customization allowed.  

All reports trim inefficiencies associated with fieldwork. From generation at the click of a button to seamless task management. Explore Reports articles to see what we have in store.