Meet HelioVolta

The renewable energy QA/QC team behind SolarGrade

HelioVolta is a trusted provider of independent inspection and technical field services for renewable energy projects and energy storage systems.

Our team of expert fieldwork professionals provides hands-on support for  asset owners and project stakeholders.

We specialize in assessing the health and quality of solar and energy storage installations from system construction through long-term operations. 


The HelioVolta Story: Why We Developed SolarGrade

David Penalva

James Nagel

David Penalva and James Nagel, the founders of HelioVolta, are passionate engineers with long careers in the solar and energy storage industry. They created SolarGrade to empower renewable energy field teams to build, operate and manage the world’s safest, most reliable, and high-performing solar and energy storage assets.

David and James have personally experienced the frustration and pain of using archaic fieldwork management tools at solar and energy storage projects. They created SolarGrade to be the fieldwork tool they actually wanted to use. 

As career engineers with deep field experience in the solar and energy storage space, David and James have observed many operational challenges and quality issues in operating assets. After digging into root causes, they realized that standardizing and streamlining fieldwork procedures would avoid the majority of those problems. 

With fewer issues arising in renewable power operations, investment confidence in the sector will grow, leading to more clean energy deployment, which then results in a healthier planet.

Our Field Inspection and Audit Services

Third-Party Health Assessments 

We use best-in-class inspection protocols to audit the health of operating assets and identify safety and quality risks before they create problems. Our QA/QC team uses advanced visual, thermal, electrical and advanced lab testing techniques combined with statistically significant sampling to maximize findings and minimize risk. 

Construction QA/QC

We provide indendent field inspections during the construction phase to ensure PV and energy storage installation best practices are utilized and identify quality issues for remediation. 

Post-Commissioning Inspections

Our team assesses recently commissioned assets to ensure they are operating as intended and will perform reliably over time. Post-commissioning inspection provide a punchlist of outstanding issues for a project. 

End of EPC Warranty Inspections 

We assess the quality of operating assets prior to expiration of EPC warranties, which are typically valid for two years following system comissioning. These inspections help asset owners and operators ensure the EPC addresses all outstanding workmanship issues prior to warranty expiration. 

Beyond QA/QC: Our Technical Services

Failure and Underperformance Root Cause Analysis 

We conduct advanced testing at underperforming renewable energy assets and projects that have experienced fires or other thermal events. Our analysis helps project stakeholders diagnose underlying system quality issues that affect site safety and performance. 

Technical Advisory Support

We help establish quality standards for construction and long-term operations and maintenance and advises stakeholders through technical decisions at every stage of a project. Our team can also identify potential risks in projects and across portfolios as part of the technical due diligence process during investment transactions.

The HelioVolta Advantage

Years of Industry Experience

GWs of Project Experience

Projects Inspected

We are proud to be NABCEP Certified PV System Inspectors.

The PV System Inspector (PVSI) Board Certification recognizes the advanced experience and skill of inspecting residential and commercial photovoltaic systems.

This credential is for those who are highly knowledgeable of PV systems, applicable codes and ordinances, and assessing the safety and operation of PV systems. Click here to learn more on NABCEP’s website. 

What Makes Us Different

The 4-Ps of HelioVolta


Integrity, honesty, and strong moral principles are reflected in every piece of work we do.


We strive for the highest quality work product while providing an outstanding experience.


We enjoy working to help transition to sustainable energy. We love making this planet a better place.


We combine strong communication skills with adaptability to better support our clients. 

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